issue 25 - A Waif in the Hand (Digital)

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A Waif in the Hand, Waif's 25th issue, is an ode to The Mall in all its guts and glory. Featuring original art and writing by the Waif community, A Waif in the Hand is bound to be better than a Waif in the Bush. Originally released in print (our first ever), this edition is digital (ok cyberspace!!)

Table of Contents

CULTURE MATRIX A Waif in the Hand

FASHION Shoedals

Styled by Waif

Modeled by Jane Schoenbrun

ARTICLE He Talks to Me through Phoebe Bridgers’ Music

By Upasna Barath

EDITORIAL The Tears Will Dry

Creative Direction and Styling by Monet Maxwell

Photos by Daniel Covsk

Makeup by Sandra Sackey

Modeled by Quinn Felipe

EDITORIAL Orthodontcha

Photos submitted by Waifs Across America

ARTICLE Bring the Mall Home

By Lavender Katz and Zach Donovan

EDITORIAL Hog Wrestling

Featuring Paperboy Prince and Huck Laundry

Assisted by Sina Awsémoon and Natasha Oliveras

FICTION Thank You for Coming

By Molly Weisgrau

EDITORIAL Motherhose

Featuring Felicia Lobo and Hannah Balagot

From the film directed by Francesca Pazniokas

Photographed by Maddalena de Beni

Gaffed by Natalie Mármol


By Ivo van Wijk

Art by Dux

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issue 25 - A Waif in the Hand (Digital)

0 ratings
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